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              HubSpot Services

              Maximize your return on investment

              Vested services overview

              As a HubSpot Diamond Partner, we pride ourselves with being "HubSpot Gurus" and are passionate about helping other businesses maximize the tools offered throughout the various platform hubs, including CRM, Sales, Marketing, and Service.

              HubSpot onboarding services

              We prioritize what's important to your business.

              Our team will help you navigate through HubSpot and reach your goals faster.

              Marketing Hub Onboarding

              Technical and strategic guidance on setting up and using Marketing Hub to grow traffic, convert leads, and achieve your marketing goals.

              Sales Hub Onboarding

              Technical advice on how to set up Sales Hub, plus actionable advice to help you simplify and scale your sales process so you can close more deals.

              Service Hub Onboarding

              Technical direction on the implementation of Service Hub, along with strategic guidance on ways you can serve your customers better using HubSpot.


              Get your website set up and integrated with the HubSpot CMS, and gain confidence in how to optimize your site, manage data, and improve your content strategy.

              Website development

              Oh yeah, we use the CLEAN theme.

              Approximately 80% of our website builds have used Helpful Hero's CLEAN Theme design because of it's streamlined design, seamless integration with HubSpot, and customization options. 

              With over 20 years of UX design experience, Kevin Fremon (theme developer), built the template to "help marketers and entrepreneurs leverage the awesome power of HubSpot by saving them time and money and putting them back in the driver's seat."

              Website Images-2-1

              Who's using CLEAN?

              Check out these amazing websites using the CLEAN Theme Template!

              Sky Labs Water Scrooge nevatio burner fire controls Countabl Cajun Creole Market-1 Lith Token Cipher Skin-1 NeuroMend-1 Senderra Blue Margin Cite Lemoine

              Custom quote templates

              Branded proposals 

              Set yourself apart from the competition by customizing HubSpot's quote templates to your company's brand, differentiators, and unique offerings.

              Developing custom proposals creates a positive sales journey for your prospects that's aligns with your sales pitch, and ultimately, communicates consistency, reliability and professionalism (not to mention they look really cool😎). 


              Custom report building

              Be data-driven

              Collect, monitor, and analyze data beyond the status quo by customizing dashboard reports via HubSpot's analytics tools. 

              Whether it's to manage sales performance, strategize marketing campaigns, or identify gaps in business development, your company can have visibility to make better data-driven decisions unique to your KPIs. 

              Custom Report Building

              Software training

              Quicker adoption for faster results. 

              Learn how your team can maximize HubSpot in-house with our technical training to easily adopt the platform's tools, establish processes, and see a quicker return. 


              CRM Hub

              Accurately capture, organize, and connect your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data. Create custom properties to match your lexicon, provide visibility into relevant object details, and optimize your user experience through personalization. 

              This includes tool such as contacts, companies, deals, reporting, properties, teams, tasks, notes, lists, and more!


              Sales Hub

              Streamline your sales process to increase efficiency, save time, and reduce headaches. Leveraging HubSpot's tools helps sales team's optimize their effectiveness through quicker collaboration, increased organization and managing performance.

              This includes tool such as HubSpot's email integration, templates, sequences, automation, meeting links, deal pipeline, quotes and more!


              Marketing Hub

              Take our anti-marketing approach to your in-house marketing by strategizing and managing campaigns from the driver seat. HubSpot's Marketing Hub allows for effective content creation throughout your content, increased efficiency and optimization to Google's algorithm (helping your SEO). 

              This includes tools such as email marketing, automated workflows, chatbots, website management, blogging, dashboard analytics, SEO tool, and more!

              Ready to maximize your HubSpot portal? 

              We got you! Connect with us today to talk all things HubSpot. 

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